It is an unfortunate known fact that pain is something this generation can relate with without waiting for the sound of the whistle. And it’s probably the reason why people shut down their Facebook accts or the reason why people hardly log into twitter. I mean, everywhere you go on the net you get to see some sad quote from the dying words of probably a Greek philosopher, or a popular Lana Ray lyric that tags along.
I’m not so sure it’s inevitable. Cause individuals go through a lot, from emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, social, financial, educational and health crisis. People have real mental breakdowns which lead to the very much talked about suicidal thoughts because they don’t have a healthy means to let go and dispense their pain. It’s sad and frustrating really. Mostly sad because no matter how hard the individual tries, there is always a sign of pain somewhere (mostly the internet.) And you know, the saddest kind of sad is the kind of sad that tries to bite its lip and say “hey, I’m not sad.”
Additionally, most people feel as though the internet is their diary without a lock and most times than often, they forget it is the internet.
Frankly, pain is hurtful – obviously, it’s pain. It’s also unhealthy and contagious if you come to think of it. The aura of sad close to a happy individual could play mind tricks on them, one way or another. Pain is also stupid. Because no matter how hurt you think you are, there are always people who feel 10 times worse and those people probably don’t have access to the internet to contaminate with their sad stuff, or rooms to turn off the lights and “be sad.” These people prolly don’t have a life.

So, next time you want to be sad, no matter how sad, think of the children in Somalia, or Nepal, Haiti or the Mid-east. And in trying to do that, you would be putting some paint on your palette; concealing your pain.