Not luck, faith. Luck gives room for fear.

I’ve not tried posting my art for the public before, so forgive me for upholding my faith for a blog post.

This thing’s been long over due. You know. oh yh, you don’t. Well, I’ve had this whole blog idea since late last year and I’m still not sure what to post. Poems? Articles? Reality Checkers? Stories? true stories or stories with only half the truth?

There’s a lot on my plate apparently. But since my plate is for the public I’d leave you all to help me decide. *fingers crossssed*

Sigh, I still want to do something of my own. Selfish init?

Just to rescue myself and you, I’d tell you a little something about myself.

No name needed. I was born in the 90’s into this very twisted universe. After I came out from my mama’s tummy, my second followed. But it wasn’t an easy process. Why? My second is stubborn and  she already knew about this life even before she got here. So it was only natural that she didn’t want to go through life’s rollercoaster ride. But that’s where I come in, had to take charge. Pulling her by the feet till she realised that I needed her for my existence to be. Then she couldn’t say no anymore. After a long while of feet pulling you’d think I’m talking about my twin sister ^^.

No silly.

It’s my inner goddess / sub conscious. In short, she makes the most of me. Anyways, after this birth giving process in the 90’s it’s only typical that someone unique would be born. It’s what most naive people would refer to as weird. But, no judging 🙅.

Naive people complete my existence.

I’m currently in college, busy getting a degree. So, for the future, forgive me if I ever forget to post a page or if I ever sound like I got pissed in one of Barr. Ajiboye’s lectures. This college thing does a lot to you.

bla bla bla. I’m sure you’re bored now. But if not, I am. Plus, It’s 12 am and I have church service tomorrow.

I already love you! Can’t wait to start saying that for real. 😜

Don’t forget, I’d like to hear from y’all. Tell me what you want to hear from me.