I’m so sure. You could almost call me an ambassador of surrealism.

I’m so sure my cape flew in the wind, and the world was saved when I held my farts in. No matter how toxic. No matter how little a whistle of air.


We would never know -you and I- now would we? Because the farts never happened.
Woo, superheroes do come in various forms.

I’ve been a superhero for you. I’ve been a super hero for me too.
You are your own superhero. And I’ll tell you how, regardless of the thoughts you have running in mayhem through your mind right now.

Comfort, what is comfort? Comfort is ease, luxury, coziness, security, relaxation.

Comfort is dipping your tea bag into hot water as many times as you wish.

It’s using your thumb and middle finger to squeeze the excess from your over dipped tea bag.

Comfort is satisfaction.

Running the tap longer than you should, even when you can hear Barney kids someplace in your mind.


Reminding you of why you should never let the water run.

Comfort is snoozing sixteen alarms in a row. Wink.
You knew last night that the snooze was going to be the little death of you. Sleep orgasm. Waking and going back to bed. Ah, let a breath of comfort out.

Farting is comfort. And holding your fart is denying yourself of comfort. That form of denial saves lives…
Let that sink in.
Go back in time, to when I mentioned me saving the world. You = my world = the world.
We only leave our comfort zones for the ones we love. Prove me wrong and attack with your wild running imagination, say that we also leave our comfort zones for those we don’t love.

My imagination runs wilder,


one reason why we would leave our comfort zones for the ones we love is because of a benefit on the long
run. For yourself, yourself, yourself, yourself. Myself, myself, myself. We love ourselves.
And now, in real time. Now time.

…how many times have we let ourselves go low, so others might have 20 seconds of happiness?

I’d take half a spoon of sugar, so that you’d be happy.
“I’m supposed to be on a diet, you’re tempting me.”
Okay, I wouldn’t take any sugar.”

I don’t want to go to Church on Sunday.”
“You’re setting a bad example for the kids.”
Okay, I’d go, for them.

“You never take any photos with me.”
I hate my look.
“But you took a photo with J the other day.”
Okay, where’s your phone?”


At all moments, the capes of these heroes flew in the wind. As they denied themselves the comfort of farting, so lives may be saved.