Lights off.

No cameras please.


Control and Z

Undo every action.


Not all vampires have fangs.

We’re still all blood thirsty.

And also afraid of the bright light.


I myself am shivering from the low temprature that comes from the laying of eyes on me.

Of course I can withstand becoming an Eskimo or burying myself in the snow.


We. Our kind. We do not know. I cannot lie.


There. It has been done again.


And I still am shivering. Only worse this time.

Turn off your eyes please.

They shine too bright.

Even in day time.


I’m not afraid, but we are still so lonely.

We. Vampires with no fangs.

Help us. We cry. But we would not beg.

Stay, but do not turn on you light beaming eyes.

They frighten us.