Fear, all that was left in Kenneth. The tender love and care did not add up anymore.

“Doctor, his figures are not on the scale, I’ve never seen anything such as this before.”

The doctor exhaled a lung full of carbon-dioxide, “I was afraid this was going to be the situation.”

It had been eleven months since Kenneth had been facing health turmoils. It began on the evening of new years’ eve, after he had received a letter of termination from his work place. Now he was afraid for what his end had to offer.

Ring, ring! The receptionist picked up the phone and placed it over her ear. She alerted Kenneth that he could now go into the office.

“Kenneth, this is for you… I’m so sorry…”

These words formed back in tragic tranquility. He knew he shouldn’t have been drinking all night and coming in late, but Renae had broken his heart and therapy was not coming through with positive signs. So all that could distract him thereon was liquor.

“Mr Kenneth, I’d advice you stay off liquor, even the tiniest pint…,” his doctor had said to him after he was diagnosed with a liver problem.

Nothing made an atom of sense, the break-up, the alcoholism, the liver problem, the termination. All a link of causation, but still of no sense to Kenneth.

Soon he resorted to drinking again and the battle had become more bloody for him.


Now that Kenneth was certain he was going to die, he kept hoping for Renae to pay him a visit. It was literally his dying wish.

“Kenneth, she didn’t answer any of my messages, do you need me to stop trying?

He turned his head to the other side of the pillow.

It had been over a year since Renae had left him, he was certain she had moved on by now, if not married. She had a lot to offer and yet a lot to accomplish as well.

He understood that she was not going to answer his mother’s messages, but hope was all that he held unto.

“Mrs Sanders, I take it that you’re the mother… we have two options, a trial surgery or euthanasia…. mercy killing.”

Tears and wails,from everyone at the waiting room.

Kenneth had already wailed deep enough in his heart for the choices laid before him to shake him any further.

“Kenneth tell us what to do.”

“I cannot make this choice for him.”

Now the fear had faded away, and all that was left was a memory of Renae the night their car broke down. They parked the car on the side of the highway and walked a distance. The stars were well lit and Kenneth swore he saw a shooting star.


He made a wish; that they would last forever.

And as if she too had wished for same or telepathically taken vows, they shared a kiss.

Kenneth closed his eyes and went to a place called home.

“Have you seen him?”

“Have you found the letter?”

“I need to trace back his steps!”

“At what time did you hear the door open?”

“How can that be? I have two alarm systems set up here. Think again!”

“Okay wait, I think I know where the letter might be, in the store room. No, wait. That’s been locked for months now. So that means it must have been put it in the stationery shelf… Its not there?… We’ve checked before now?… Where is he?… Did I forget to take him out of his room after prayer time?… No, no that was last week… I think this house is too big, we need to write down all the names of the rooms so we know those we have checked.”

“Okay I’ll do that.”

“But how about the fridge? sometimes I leave things in there. I leave things in a number of places…No! don’t call the caretakers! they’re too harsh, they aren’t nice, please don’t!”


to be continued…