It’s been timeless time.

Haven’t you been counting?

All the seconds that my toes and fingers cannot measure.

Trying to follow the pattern in the sky that we call stars.

Trying to follow the sound of a beating heart.

But I know it was all of earths distractions, in the lightning, thunder, screeching and in the sandstorms that were able to take my mind off the counting.


haven’t you been counting?

Don’t you know that in this state, all my temperaments would not let me.

So I had to place my bucket of trust on you, for you to carry to the safe side of this mountainous life.

So that if I were to kick the bucket, I would kick it so hard with the hope that you will pick it up and live my dreams, all my wants; everything I could ever had hoped for… even beneath the earth.

So you see, earth’s distractions are pulling me far and farther.

I just want to know,

haven’t you been counting?