It was only then that Abdul was able to realize what it was to feel love and hate at the first sight. The waitress who had taken him from earth to cloud 9 had now taken him back to earth and down to hell all in a matter of seconds.

She was standing behind the glass door with a man of six foot height, his hand on her waistline, her smile so genuine; Abdul’s eyes were full of hate and love. how could she be taken?  In the heat of passion, Abdul decided to walk through the door irrespective of the sign  that boldly asked only staff in.

He walked across the room, without  paying attention to the kitchen countertops full of sweet and savory Mexican dishes. His sweat pores  had largely opened and a spring had formed on his forehead. His eyes were now locked on a figure of a man and a woman who had now blurred out of vision, something was wrong.

The waitress quickly dashed forward Abdul as he staggered the rest of his body on her and went to the ground. The other man now decided to help but this made Abdul furious, as though his birthright had been stolen from him. As though he were Esau.

“No, hands off!” Abdul quickly resented his aid.

“Sir, please calm down.” With no delay, her voice brought him back from hell. He was now the charmed one, and she the charmer.”

“You’re so beautiful.”

“Sir please, can you get…” Abdul was sure not to pay attention to any of her words now.

“My  name is Abdul, what’s your name?” his eyes were now red and open in full beam. The veins on his head had formed a sort of trail, making him look like a boxing king.

“Sir, plea..”

He stretched his now sweaty palms towards her face, “wh,what is your name? If you could tell me, tell me, just tell me,” he whispered.

She tilted her face in sober demeanor.

The other man had now leaned in closer to lift Abdul from the floor; his hands stretching for Abdul’s arm. Abdul slowly turned, his eyes unblinking and still open in full beam. He gave a hollow laugh.

Whispering, he said “Miranda say to Prospero on this Tempest that never till this day saw I him touch’d with anger so distemper’d.

The waitress had now bust into laughter.

“Now Cleopatra you must not stay here longer, your dismission is come from.”

Abdul was reciting the words of Shakespeare and bringing comic relief to the waitress; making her join him on the floor with her hands on her tummy and the belief that Abdul was from a candid camera show.


Maria and her other friend came running in to spoil the fun. She and her other friend were able to get Abdul on his feet after apologizing to the waitress for his uncanny behavior with words and an enthusiastic tip.

At this point, Abdul’s mind was what one would describe as barren. Maria didn’t bother asking him if he was okay or what happened, someway she knew it wasn’t the prettiest of things that had happened mostly because of the way he had left the table. Maria’s other friend assumed Abdul had developed temporal ataxia and delusions so he directed him towards the door with his hands on Abdul’s shoulder.

“Abdul you forgot to take your meds.”he said.

The waitress watched the trio leave the kitchen through the glass door, Abdul had made her believe in a walking oxymoron; a beautiful, if not handsome, and madman.

The end.



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