Hey, sorry I’ve been MIA these last few weeks. No concrete reason for that though. It’s just one those writer’s frozen moments; mine took a while though. I should be drooping the second part of Story of a Man Who Ran Mad soon anyway.

Any who, I’d like to write about a certain class of people, society pleasers. It’s obvious really what I’m about to write on, people who please the society or if you look at it from a beautiful minded angle, the society that pleases itself.

No. I’m not about to diss them or give the usual stereotypical approach you’d hear from every myopic person in your hood. I’m simply here to address them. Not in a “dear society pleasers” kind of way, just in a way. Oh my there’s so much pressure already.


Well, the whole idea of society revolves around choice. Basically, what society does is understand a situation, a thing or an idea and after a series of analysis based on an objective view, society picks out a list of choices and filters them and gives them various “tags” as to allowed or not allowed, beautiful or contrasting, normal or obscene. In other words, they tell you the choice you can make, and how they are going to react to that choice.

It all seems so civilized doesn’t it? having a set of ethics or standards to “guide” humanity. Fine, it’s alright, society means right. But what I don’t understand is how society makes choice from top to base. What I mean to say here is that it’ s alright setting standards as to the rights of a people or as to public policy. But c’mon, why should society tell you how to live the rest of your life. It’s already enough they have a shit load of “power” when it comes to the things that affect them directly. So how then is it okay that they make choices as to the things that affect them in no way. Like say, the whole Bruce – Caitlyn thing. The whole thing is a sex change. A friggin’ sex change. Not a pedophilia attack or an abandonment story. And I get it that this sex change is morally wrong to a certain society, or it may be prohibited by a religion. But what exactly is religion?

The body of persons adhering to a particular set of beliefs and practices.

So if we have Caitlyn, Laverne Cox, Lucas Silveria, Ian Harvie and the rest of the transgender community who have adhered to this belief it’s certainly clear that it has become a war between religions. But ‘obviously’, the religion with the higher populace should always be right.

My point here is, right or wrong these people have a choice whether to change their sex or not and it’s only unfair that a set of objectively minded people filter these choices for them.And they’re probably doing so because their lives are a turmoil and they need your business as their entertainment and they won’t have you please yourself when they can’t please themselves. So, they’d rather you please them.


However though, if a people decide to adhere to the choices society makes then it’s alright. I mean, its liberty, free will, your life. Or probably not. Because most of the time people tend not to live their lives but live life rubbing tummies. And for who? a bunch of people just as you are, who need you to act in accordance to their will so whenever life slaps them from the behind they can have a platform to render judgments and feel their opinion on choice matters.

I cannot deal.


Society is society and…

Oh wow. Plenty of talk. Society is society and will forever do the things they do. I however, choose not to be convicted. Rub tummies if you may, but do know that society is inevitable to change, every standard or choice will change as time tics and tocks, so it’s all about adjustment which doesn’t come at your pace.