It was one of those breezy yet sunny days to wrap yourself in sunblock and have cocktails at roadside eat-outs. The day had cracked open from it’s shell to reveal a beautiful strength of illumination on planet earth. Almost everyone took advantage of the new born day, whether it was in form of sharing a cone of ice-cream or enjoying a boat ride with a few friends and an acquaintance to stand out. It was what one would refer to as the “perfect day.”

Maria was sitting at the road side sit out of Sit-out or Take out, one of those not so fancy sit outs that didn’t paint a bad image of the customers. It was perfect for dates, hangouts, a family get-together or a even a quiet time away from a noisy home. So Maria and her two male friends fit right in with the other people. They were all having an undeniably outrageous time, making good use of the moments they caught themselves laughing at the same funny subject and laughing in the same pitch. A perfect time, with the perfect friends.

The trio had been waiting 18 minutes after their order and it seemed as though the hour had passed. So Abdul took it upon himself to stop one of the waitresses that was passing by.

“I beg your pardon, we’ve been waiting quite a while now.” Abdul said with a beautiful husky voice that gave the waitress chills all the way to her toes.

“umm, okay, umm, What’s your order please?” She replied with a shaky and unremarkable overwhelmed tone.

“Two roast chicken with avocado sauce and toady’s special.”

“Okay, uh, uhmm.  I’d get back to you as soon as possible.” She replied with the longest amount of blinks in 30seconds.

The other two were not entirely amused by the scene. It was a striking  effect Abdul had on almost every individual. Maria had one time confessed it was what drove her to being friends with him in freshman year of university. One striking effect. Abdul felt rather different at the aftermath of his oratory skills however. It was probably because of the way she was struggling to have a grip on her voice and not let him steal it from her. Her reaction had given him a thought to ponder on.

Minutes had passed and the food was delivered by a different waiter. Abdul wondered if she had done it on purpose just to torment the many voices in his head. He felt the need to make a move, or two moves. But which move was best at that moment?

“Are you alright?” Maria noticed the disturbed look on his face”

“yeah, sure. Not really actually. Did any of you notice the way that other waitress was acting when I spoke to her?”

“nah, was she rude or something?” Adams asked with the same look Abdul had on his face.

“no, not that. Don’t bother. How’s that special Maria?”

Maria managed to describe the special with a few words from her vocabulary, they all described it as rich. Moments later Abdul was still caught up with the thoughts of the unnamed lady that had given him the effect of a movie with the element of suspense in it. Had she bewitched him when he tapped her by the shoulder? or was he merely over thinking this one? He was determined to make a move, but he had to decide on which one was going to describe what he felt on the inside. Abdul quickly glanced at the time on his wristwatch, calculating the minutes it would take him to coat the avocado sauce on the remaining half of the white meat and eventually make the ‘move.’

Six minutes and thirteen extra seconds. The ceramic plate was empty and the glass cup was half empty.  It was time. Abdul had never felt the need to make a beautiful impression since the interview that got him the job at the accounting department one of the biggest oil companies in the State. Knuckles had been cracked, breathe had been checked and he was left to stare at the glass door that led to the interior of the restaurant.

As he stood up his right foot followed the left, left followed right and eventually he was facing a see through reflection of himself. And he caught the gold door knob staring at him. Convincing to reach towards the knob as well as the unnamed lady. Abdul swiftly placed his hand on the knob, lifted his head up and it was then he was able to realize…

to be continued…