No serious background story needed for this one. Something did trigger this one though. Someone actually, forgive my vocabulary.

I met a friend today, beautiful experience by the way, and I heard myself use the words “first impression” more times than supposed.

When exactly do first impressions happen? First times of meeting, Second? Third? Or The first time you have an intention to touch someone’s soul?  You may choose to believe in all others but I choose to believe from today that first impressions happen when you have an intention to touch the soul.

Intense, I know. That’s one way to describe it. Because you have to agree with me that even on the first time of meeting someone there’s a chance you’d not be bothered about the things you’re supposed to. Sure, you might have a thing for the cologne or notice the bad breath or the extra sixth finger that creeps you off. But those are not the things that make a man. Everyone’s always taking the first day really important; taking everything into consideration. From dressing, to composure, diction, or even those secret glances you steal to look at those pretty eyes.


Trust, the eyes are where everything lies. But how sure are you that the other person or people you’re meeting are interested in nothing more than nothing.


It’s a thought to think about.

I mean, what if I’m the person who’s not exactly interested until after a week, okay maybe that’s too long, how about some days? It happens.

And then there’s another side to the story. What if the first day is all I’m cautious about? or the second? how are you to know, I mean it’s not like there’s going to a tag on my forehead that says “totally looking forward to this.”  I’m not going to have a yellow legal pad to write out your pros and cons. Sure I might create one mentally, but then again, how are you to know?

So just as heard earlier on today, “be free” be yourself, “don’t be afraid to be a talkative.”  But be cautious, you might send the wrong messages at-times, and you don’t want that, at least not all times.

So it’s all about being freely cautious.

Beautiful oxymoron right?


big yawn.

We learn stuff everyday, I’m just here to help. Oh who am I kidding, I’m here to write, whether you learn or not.