Yesterday I was soaked deep into a conversation with four of my friends and an acquaintance. We literally sat for hours talking about every and anything. From tribes, to music, continuous assessment scores and then fat. Not so much about fat though.

But this one got me thinking. What’s the big deal about fat people?


Every once in a while I get to hear fat people comments alongside stereotypical jokes about fat people. I mean I remember someone say “yuck” yesterday by the mere mention of a fat person.

I’m not so sure someone being fat is reason enough to diss them every opportunity you get. It’s funny actually, how you could meet this great personality on the internet but you get so worked up the minute you find out about the extra weight they have on. What exactly is the reason or theory behind that?

Come to think of it, we’re in this really silly generation that practically worships and idolizes the female ass. A lump of fat which helps one sit properly. How does one adore a load of fat and not like a fat person? really, what’s the theory?

Fat people have learnt how to hate their bodies because of how the society treats them. They don’t just simply decide to hate their bodies, we teach them how to. And it’s cruel really. All that special need typa treatment and that first reaction you probably had towards the fat person you met yesterday or last week.


The only reaction we should have to a fat person is the same you should have for any other person. A reaction to body keeping. Every person should learn how to keep their body clean but if they decide not to it really shouldn’t bother you, it’s their body init? But well, well, all these plenty talk.

all these plenty talk
all these plenty talk

Fat people are people too. Just like evil people, stupid people, loving people, tall people, light skin people, dark skin people, skinny people. They are people.

they normal fam
they normal fam

Talk is easy, taking actions is something else. But what the hell, I love my fat friends, and I’d love you if you become fat tomorrow.